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I understand this page isn't for everyone.  But, if your reading this then there is a good chance that it may be for you.

Are you looking to work from home but not sure which opportunity would best suit you?

There are many direct selling companies out there.  Before you join any opportunity there are a few things you need to consider.

1) What type of income are you expecting from your business?

Are you looking for a little extra money to help pay the car payment or put away for a vacation.  Or your just looking for a discount on products that you love. Or do you want a full time income.  You want to entirely support yourself with the income from your direct sales opportunity.

2)  Consumable vs. Nonconsumable products?

Many people start a business because of their love for the product.  If you choose a company that has a nonconsumable product such as home decor, jewelry or clothes.  You need to make sure that it is a profitable business one that has a proven record of sales.  As it can be harder in some instances to make repeated sales.

With a consumable product you have the ability to make another sale in say 3 months or so as the product will run out.  With either you will need to find new customers in order to keep your business growing.

3)  Does the company offer support?

This is a critical one.  Does the company offer a sponsored website?  Do they have online tools to help you? 

4)  Will you have fun and enjoy what your doing?

You know the saying if you love your job you will never work another day in your life.  Are you passionate about your products and what your doing? If your excited about what your doing then others will be excited for you.  

Now for the harsh truth that must be said.  Signing up and receiving a kit will not make you a millionare.  You will not get rich overnight but you can get rich.  If you want to make this a full time business then you have to get out and talk to people let them know about your business. 

I would love to provide you more information if you would like to contact me please head on over to the contact me page and drop me an email.

Have a wonderful day!